Sunday, July 29, 2012

Let the Games Begin

I've been overweight most of my life.  Being fit has always been a struggle for me.  I used to think I'd always be fat because I had "big bones" and a larger frame.  A doctor once told me I'd never be thin because I have bad family genes. I actually bought into that crap for awhile.

In 1999 I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), a condition in which a woman has an imbalance of a female sex hormones. PCOS can lead to menstrual cycle changes, cysts in the ovaries, trouble getting pregnant (I struggled with infertility for many years before having my children), significant weight gain, insulin resistance and other health issues.  There are many symptoms of this condition that make women feel as if they are being robbed of their femininity; hair loss (female pattern baldness), hair growing in other unwanted places (lip, face, chest) and adult acne.  It's a bitch.  I wouldn't wish this condition on anyone.

I could write a book about all the things I've dealt with in regards to my weight problem, instead I decided to do something about this.  After years of yo-yo dieting, trying and failing and quitting repeatedly, I've finally found what works for me.

In May 2012, I became a member of Anytime Fitness.  After five years of being a YMCA member, I canceled our family membership after a two week trial at AF.  In all honesty, we just weren't going to the Y. We live in a different town and it was difficult to drag two kids to the daycare.  My youngest child cried incessantly whenever I'd leave him and they'd have to come get me after 10 minutes of working out.  It just wasn't worth it.

It's easy for me to get to AF each day.  I go when my husband is able to watch the kids and their are two locations; one located right by my workplace and the other just blocks from my house.  It's a win-win.

Two weeks ago I started group training with two other women.  I'm going to be brutally honest. Training is tough. I didn't realize the intensity of the workouts. I truly believe 80% of training is changing your mindset. I don't know that I mentally prepared myself for this, but I'm slowly getting better. I still curse silently in my mind the entire time I'm working out with the group. 

I told my trainer, Dave, that I kind of hated him just a bit.  I've never been pushed this hard before.  He said, "If you don't hate me, I'm not doing my job correctly." 

After two weeks of training (I signed up for a total of 6 weeks, 2 workout sessions and one virtual session per week) I'm down 4 pounds.  I've lost a total of 20 pounds since joining the gym two months ago.  So maybe I don't really hate Dave as much as I thought.  I kinda like him, actually.

Let the games begin...

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