Saturday, August 10, 2013

Back to Personal Training, Again

It's been more than a year since I blogged about my weight loss journey.  Mostly because after group training last summer, life got in the way and I didn't work out for weeks.  Months even.  After the new year, I went into a fitness frenzy and worked out every day for two weeks straight.  And then I fizzled out.  Again.

It wasn't until April of this year that I really took the time to evaluate my fitness goals.  I knew I wanted to shed those pesky pounds (all 100 of them), but I didn't have the motivation to do this alone.  I told my friend Dave (and former trainer) that I needed help and that I was ready to commit to personal training.

Dave referred me to the fitness coordinator at my gym. Tiffany sat me down and shared with me all the lies I've been told my whole life.  BMI is bullshit, people.  Pardon the language but it's true.  We did a body fat analysis using a body fat analyzer that measures your body fat with a micro-electrical current.  Basically, I held this little machine like a scared Driver's Ed student holds a steering wheel.  It came back with information such as body fat and muscle percentages, and we calculated exactly how many pounds of fat I was carrying around.

My doctor had always told me that based on my height of 5'5" tall, I should weight between 120 and 135 pounds which would put me into a healthy BMI range.  After the body fat analysis, it turns out, I had 137 pounds of muscle in my body.  I can never weigh less than this number or I'd be dead. And because our bodies need fat to survive, a safe and healthy weight for me is closer to 150 pounds.  Yes, you read that right.  Not 120 pounds of skin and bones, but 150 pounds of toned muscle with about 15 pounds of fat.  I know that sounds crazy.  Fifteen pounds of fat, you're thinking? Don't panic.  That's only 10% of body weight.  It sounded nuts to me, too.  All my life I thought 150 pounds was F-A-T.  I would have cringed to read that number on the scale in high school.  But I realized that weight is a number.  It does not define health.

Tiffany also took measurements and we discovered that most of my muscle is in my legs.  I'm designed to run (and I HATE RUNNING) and have the body for it.  She actually said I'm lucky to be built the way I am. I thought she was feeding me lines, but I've realized that when I was a runner I did enjoy it.  I miss it now, but it's been a painful thing to get back to.  I'm dealing with shin splints like never before.  I will get this down again.  I wish I hadn't quit, but I'm determined to run again.

That day in April was the day I signed up for 60 personal training sessions.  My trainer's name is Justin.  He's 22 but he's very knowledgeable.  And patient.  Thank GOD for that.  I don't think I could handle someone screaming at me.  I've got 20 sessions left and I've lost 24 pounds since March.  That's amazing.

The journey continues.